What is a Trade License in Dubai?  A Dubai Economic Department (Mainland) Trade License allows you to conduct business activity in Dubai, UAE. Without a trade license, you are not allowed to trade any kind of business activity (online or offline).

What is Local Sponsorship and why is it needed? To form a company and benefit from being able to work across the UAE without any restrictions (which can be the case for Freezone companies) you must have a local sponsor or agent. The Bureau Dubai can become you local sponsor giving you peace of mind and trust in being able to conduct your business and control over all aspects.

Applying and obtaining a Trade License in Dubai can be a daunting task. From preparing all the documents to waiting in queues and having to deal with a constantly changing bureaucratic environment is enough to put even the most successful entrepreneurs off. Luckily when you join The Bureau Family we are able to make this a lot simpler and faster since most of the documents and processes are already in place.


There is a 5 step process to setting up your Business in Dubai through us:

1. Initial Meeting – Here we will sit down and discuss your business, categorise it and receive all the documents we would need from your side (usually passports of the company owners).

2. Submit for Initial Approval – We then prepare all the documents necessary from our side and submit them to the Dubai Economic Department. An Initial Approval Certificate is usually issued in a few days.

3. Choose an Office – You can now choose an office solution which suits your needs. Whether you are an individual or already have staff members we can accommodate you in our brand new trendy boutique offices based in Downtown Dubai which all are fully furnished and can be paid on a monthly basis.

4. Submit for Final Approval – All the final documents along with your office choice is submitted to the Dubai Economic Department and the fees required to be paid.

5. After receiving the Final Approval your Company is now Set Up – Now you will be able to operate and trade in Dubai, UAE and can start with applying for any visas, applying for bank accounts and most importantly making Business happen!

Here at The Bureau Dubai, we pride ourselves in offering fast and easy ways for you to set up your business in Dubai. Whether you are a Startup or an existing overseas company we are able to offer you clear company structures under Dubai Economic Department approved licenses to be able to trade and practice your business legally and without any unclarity associated with Freezone entities.

For more information on how we can help you with easy to understand company structures and clear corporate sponsorship Contact Us Here.