Top 6 Online Tools for Running your Startup Business in Dubai

We all know that when you are starting up your own small business you need to keep the costs down at the same time as being a well oiled machine that can compete efficiently in the market. Here are a few useful online tools that can help you startup and continue to grow your business all at low costs or even for free!

1. DED E-services

This is a great local tool directly from the Dubai Economic Department (the official licensing body for Dubai) when getting ready to license your company. It’s a complete online tool which will help you search for your preferred trade name within the Dubai Company Register, search for you particular business activity and also allows you to search other similar activities. It gives you detailed costs of issuing the license (please note this does not always take into account fees related to approvals from additional government entities so costs can differ when finally receiving the payment voucher) and has the printable application forms for registering and licensing your company.

2. Insightly

Insightly is an affordable and flexible CRM solution to help maintain a streamlined communication with your clients and to track their progress as they turn from lead into a client. It’s a great tool to manage your contact from clients to vendors and has lot’s of cool features like social media integration which allows you to access the contacts’ social media handles as well as a news function to be up to date on news published about any organisations in your databases. Its well connected to other leading online tools such as Dropbox, Google Apps, MailChimp etc. It’s a great tool both on your desktop and even as an App on your phone allowing you to get all important contact information on the road!

3. Survey Monkey

One of the most important lessons we teach is that you must do comprehensive research before launching your product or service on the market. Part of this is to test a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or get enough information from your target demographic. Survey Monkey is a tool which allows you to create basic and even complicated surveys which you can distribute to your target audience in a variety of ways. It has social media integration as well as links to allow you to present you survey on ipads etc in front of people personally. It doesn’t always have to be for market research, this tool is just as effective to gather customer satisfaction and even internal employee feedback.

4. Outright

This is a useful solution to track your income and expenses. Unfortunately it has limited currencies which mean that you may have to use it as an $ currency but we are hoping they will introduce all currencies soon. It’s very easy to use and you can simply add your incoming payments and outgoing expenses. It also has functions to allow you to send invoices and automated reminders to your clients and most importantly provides Profit & Loss reports and even more micro reports to help effectively manage your cash flow better.

5. Zopim

It’s all important to have a great website which is easy to use, provides useful information and has effective call to actions allowing your potential (and existing) customers to communicate effectively with you (remember: this gets more complicated when you have an online shop) but sometimes customers simply just want to speak to a person right there and right now! Here is where adding the Zopim plugin to your website is crucial. Zopim is a small chat box located on your website which allows any visitor on your website to start a live chat session with your company. You have various options to choose from which depend on how devoted you are to your customers. Whether it’s through the desktop version during working hours or whether you use the App on your phone to allow customers to contact you 24/7.

6. MailChimp

MailChimp allows you to keep in contact with your clients through the powerful tool of email marketing. Like all the tools mentioned it’s affordable and easy to use and is a great way for a Startup to maintain continuous communication with their existing leads, customers and partners. MailChimp has various templates to choose from as well as the function for a designer to design a coded email message for your company. It will then send to a detailed and organised list of email subscribers you have added manually, connected through some of the other Apps mentioned here as well pop ups and signup forms from your website

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