What is a workspace? Somewhere to work? Somewhere to earn money? Somewhere to connect? We spend the majority of our waking hours working whether this is in a small workstation, a large office or even in the car.

Over the years the traditional workspace has fundamentally stayed the same. We still work 9 to 5, there is still a central space where we meet our colleagues and clients and we still have to maintain a professional image to our customers and peers. However, there have been major advances made to the environment where we work from.

Technology changes on almost a monthly basis these days. We are bombarded with new hardware and software which makes communication much easier. The world is truly a small place – not only can you fly across the world for a one hour meeting, you can also pay your bills standing in an elevator (provided you have a good 3G connection of course!). This eliminates the need for a large workforce working on mundane tasks and instead allows minds to think, create and develop. We are constantly connected which reduces the need to “clock in and clock out” of the office and instead enables us to be in our markets, talking and learning from our customers and leaves the traditional workspace for formalities.

The growth of the Global Community allows a small company to sell to the whole world without ever having to leave their own workspace whether this is their home or the worlds largest warehouse. Consumers now focus on a quality service and products which suit their specific needs. This has phenomenally increased the number of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs starting up new ventures throughout the world but working alone or in a tiny team is not always easy.

A CoWorking space is a community of Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Startups working together on growing their ideas and using the knowledge, experience and contacts of the whole community to get their business up and running much faster than normally would be possible on their own. It gives the modern day business person a professional and social infrastructure that surpasses anything possible on their own. It’s more than a physical workplace it becomes a social network of like minded professionals at similar and different stages of the business lifecycle.

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