How can our Social Workspace save you costs in setting up a Business in Dubai

In this feature we will discuss the benefits and advantages of using The Bureau Dubai Social Workspace versus managing your own office.

To begin with, for those of you out there who aren’t familiar with the Social Workspace concept here is a brief overview: it’s a communal work environment to help start up business ideas and grow SME’s in the heart of Dubai offering investment & financing, trade licenses, sponsorship, workspace and office support all in our boutique trendy offices, in Downtown Dubai. We offer office rentals on a monthly basis + company formation (trade license, sponsorship and PRO services) + a social space which can be used for a variety of events.

The office spaces are ideal for small to medium sized companies which are furnished with desks, IT infrastructure (from telephone lines to internet) as well as shared facilities such as meeting rooms, reception areas, kitchens and W/C’s.

So what are the benefits of using our Social Workspace as opposed to leasing an entire office and managing it yourself? Lets discuss:

  1. Location

Being in a convenient and central location is important for all companies for many reasons. Firstly it’s important that the employees are able to reach the office easily and is a deciding factor for many excellent candidates who will decide on taking a position based on the office location. Secondly it is important your customers know where your office is and often judge the quality of a company by the location and office address. The Bureau Dubai Offices allow you to be in a central Dubai location where normally you wouldn’t be able to due to size and costs reasons.

  1. Price

One of the key factors for any SME in Dubai or any new startup company is keeping initial costs down and minimising monthly expenditure in order to maintain a good cash flow. Our space can help with both since the rent is payable monthly and not annual as with most office spaces in Dubai.

Here is a table comparing the two options Based on renting a small office in a central location in Dubai (Business Bay) at 100, 000 AED per annum paid in one annual payment vs. a 3 person office with The Bureau Dubai at 16, 000 AED per month:

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 8.30.54 PM

  1. Size

An often misconception about shared workspaces are that they are small cabins with everyone tightly squeezed. This is not the case – even if your cabin is small you still benefit and enjoy from all the communal facilities which in effect is the equivalent of having a much bigger office. Having your own office would limit you to a small area which will usually have to house a kitchen, meeting room, work area. Essentially this makes everything feel claustrophobic since everything is confined to a small space. In contrast with a our offices you benefit from a large reception area, meeting room, kitchen, and even a separated breakout areas all which enhance the working experience for yourself and your employees as well as giving as giving a great image to any clients who may visit you. 

  1. Flexibility

The Bureau Dubai Offices allows the flexibility of focusing on your business and making it work and grow without the added pressures of commitment. Being able to pay monthly and not paying full annual rents and signing long term contracts with service and utility providers allows you to test the market and see if your business will grow on to something more which is highly important for startup companies in Dubai. If you feel the business is no longer viable or if the business is a success and you are ready to move on to your own offices you need to give 1 months notice and vacate the office. Whereas many start up businesses will force themselves to operate even after the business is not performing well just to be able to pay the office liabilities.


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