Meet Our Team

Shahzad Bhatti Founder

Shahzad Bhatti

With many years of marketing, real estate and business development background Shaz is always keen on giving sound advice on how to get your start up business growing. He is the head mentor in our facility and teaches many workshops and classes.

  • Head Mentor
  • Business Development
  • Branding
  • Tech Development
Jeanet Deocampo Community Manager

Jeanet Deocampo

Jeanet is central to keeping the whole community updated and connected with each other. From scheduling the events and workshop, onboarding all members, scheduling and connecting the startups with suitable mentors.

  • Event Coordinator
  • Client Relations
  • Mentor Scheduling
  • Social Media
Jay Rivera Operations Manager

Jay Rivera

Jay is available to help around this office. He is in charge of office maintenance and has the important duty of keeping our office looking in perfect condition. He's a hard worker and an important member of our team.

  • Office Maintenance
  • Boss of the Kitchen!
Noushin Hengora Finance & PR Officer

Noushin Hengora

Noushin looks after the whole office with a wide range of duties. From making sure the office is always running smoothly and fully stocked to ensuring everyone is updated on the activities happening in the office.

  • Licensing & Approvals
  • Accounts

How to Get to our Offices?

Our offices are located in Saaha Offices, Souk Al Bahar. That’s in Downtown Dubai (everyone know’s where that is!) close to the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and right next to The Palace Hotel.

So come and park for free in the Souk Al Bahar Parking – Come up to the 5th Floor – Then you have to walk through the Car Park till you see a big B on the wall – Enter through these doors and follow signs leading you the 530 (you have to walk through a few more doors to get to us!)

Watch this handy video and we are always a call away should you need us to come and find you!

See Our Google Map

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How long does it take to set up a company in Dubai
    Setting up a company in Dubai is very quick and easy as the whole Dubai Economic Department process is online. Provided you have all the documents ready and no special approval is required from any of the ministries your company can be set up within a few weeks.
    How much does it cost to set up a company in Dubai
    The cost of setting up a business varies depending on the business activity and consists of license costs, PRO fees & rent. All of this will be detailed in our company set up proposal - please contact us to get your free proposal now.
    What business activity can I partake in?
    There is a huge list of business activities to choose from. Contact us for your free company start up consultation so we can help you select the right activity for you.
    Is there a place at The Bureau Dubai for me to meet with my clients?
    Absolutely! We have a Meeting Room that works great for this. Our Clients can use the Meeting Room for free depending on their package, but it is also available for private rentals at an hourly or daily rate.


    Christian Llenas
    "It was so hard to find a flexible and affordable office in Downtown which would meet our high standards. Working at The Bureau allowed us to be in the best location which would have never been available to small companies like ours before."

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    530 Sahaa Offices (Block B), Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai. UAE.